The Publication Beer

The Publication Beer

So I said I would post a smaller blog today so here it is. Things are moving fast for OTD: An African War. The good news is that I’ve uploaded it to Amazon and completed all the details. I’m thinking of publishing it on Friday! Exciting stuff. The bad news, well there’s not really any other than I am extremely nervous. OTD: An African war has been read many times, by many people already. There have been no real negative comments, only useful suggestions and critiques. Most of these come from my writer friends. But as we all know, writing is subjective, what one person loves reading, another will absolutely hate. I’m prepared for some negative reviews of the book, can’t please everyone. It’s just so nerve wracking to put something you’ve worked so hard on out into the world and await a reaction. Good or bad, many sales or few, it’s all an experience that I’ll learn from and will help make the next book better.

This is the Publishing Beer! My good friend Rebecca @BeerBitchBecca (who is currently reading OTD) and I have known each other for many years (she likes zombies as much as I do) We meet up for a beverage or two and something to eat when we can. I’m not sure if she’ll remember this or not but on one occasion, she bought me a new beer to try and I said to her, half-jokingly, that I’d keep it until I was published. And to my surprise, I actually did. Now, OTD is so close to getting published I’m eyeing up the beer. As you can see from the picture, I have my Homer Simpson bottle opener at the ready. I’ve been so used to seeing it sitting in the fridge, it’ll actually feel weird to drink it. I just thought I would share this little story with you all. It just feels so surreal that I’m actually going to have my first novella published. Exciting and nerve-wracking. I’m sure the beer will help with those nerves. Until next time. Cheers!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Good luck! I hope everything goes well. Don’t stay on line TOO long waiting to hear the reviews or you will drive yourself crazy.

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