The end of the module is near

Hello all. Just thought I would write a short blog as per usual for Friday. So what’s been happening with me? Well, my current counselling module comes to an end on Monday. It’s the final class until September. I’m pretty gutted about this as I really love that course, but the plus side is that I should have more time to write. I’m aiming for the next OTD instalment to be out by September. We shall see, plans change but that’s what I am aiming for. Tonight I completed the last small assessment for my counselling course. It was a self reflection assessment, which in theory, should be easy but writing about myself was harder than I thought. Anyway, all done and dusted. I can perhaps enjoy the weekend now. I’ll try not to think about the looming Open University assessment that’s coming fast.

So the paperback release has been stalled. Facepalm! homer_facepalm It turns out that I need a tax number to gain full royalties from sales in America. I could rant about Americans but I won’t 😉 Now this can be resolved pretty quickly. If I stayed in the States I could do it all online. But since I stay in Scotland I have the option of filling out forms and sending them off and awaiting a reply . . . 4 weeks. No thanks. I can fax it and get it sorted within a week. Again, no fax machine. I didn’t even realise people still used them. So my only real option is to make a call. I’m dreading this. Partly because I don’t really know what I am asking for. And partly because I’m sure it won’t go as smoothly as they say. Nevertheless I am resolved to getting the paperback released asap. I’ll call on Tuesday.

As for my writing. Well the good news is that I have started two of my next novellas, but I’ve had so much work for university that they have taken a backseat. I hope next week to get more writing done for them both. It’s been so long since I played a video game, it’s not like me. Maybe I should treat myself to a new game. Any suggestions xbox or pc let me know. Hope you all have an awesome weekend. Until next time.

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