The first review

Hey all. So it’s happened, I received my first review on yesterday . . . and it was an awesome one. 5- star. I couldn’t be more happy with it. There’s always that fear lurking as you wonder what the first review will be. I was so happy when I read it. Not only because it means that someone has actually finished the book, but because they enjoyed it. It was even more awesome that the reader didn’t usually read in the genre but the title convinced them to take the chance. Hopefully there will be more to follow. I’m fully prepared to get negative reviews, too. It’s all a part of being a writer. You can’t please everyone. If anyone wants to see the review just follow this link

So how’s my writing been going? Well pretty good. OTD:pt 2 is coming along nicely. I’ve actually been planning out the bare bones of the entire story and I’m really excited with where it’s going and how it’ll end. Now I just need to get on with writing. With Angel, my stand alone novella, I’ve decided to try something different. Instead of actual chapters, it will be split into seven sections, each containing a day in which the story takes place. This might work, or I might change it back to traditional chapters. Speaking of chapters, I was thinking about how with my novellas I don’t name the chapters, but with my novel writing I do. I didn’t really think about this when writing my novella. What do people prefer? Named chapters or just chapter headings?

Only The Dead: An African War is still in @IndieAuthorLand top ten books. I’m really happy about this. The interview was fun and allowed me to really think what I wanted to convey to potential readers about the book. The site is a great resource for indie authors. Please stop by and have a read here

This week I’ve been listening to a lot of Porcupine Tree. Espeically the album The Incident. It’s really awesome. If you’ve not heard of Porcupine Tree you should really check them out. They’re a prog rock outfit who have some amazing songs. I first discovered them when Steven Wilson produced Opeth’s Blackwater Park album. They are a great band with a unique sound. You should have a listen to them.
I’ve still got to take a new picture for my profile. I don’t know why I’m finding it such a chore, but I am. Hopefully this week I’ll have a new one.

My friend Kev sent me a picture this morning. He received his paperback copy of Only The Dead: An African War. He’s awesome for doing this! Kev

Hope you’re all having a great day. Until next time.

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2 Responses to The first review

  1. Wow this must be extremely exciting for you! How are you organizing the print copies? Through CreateSpace? You really do have a great title for your book, I just might have to check it out. 🙂

    • mwduncan says:

      I really am so excited. It’s almost hard to believe it is finally happening after so much hard work. Yes, I’m using CreateSpace. I looked at other companies but CreateSpace seemed to be the best choice, and most trustworthy. Thank you very much, that’s kind of you to say 🙂 Well if you do decide to check it out I hope you enjoy the read. Make sure to let me know!

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