Some rambling thoughts

Hey all. Another Tuesday and blog from me. I have to admit I was a little unsure of what to write about this week so I’m just going to ramble a little. Forgive me if this post seems more disjointed than usual.

I’ll start with some good news. Only The Dead: An African War received another 5 star review on I was really happy with this. The feedback I am getting is really encouraging. Five star reviews were more than I could hope for, but I’m really thankful for them. I’m just thankful that people are reading my book at all. Here’s the link for the review

So how’s my writing coming along right now? Pretty good. I set myself little targets each day I sit down to write and usually manage to hit them. I’m still waiting for the days where I sit and knock out 7,000 words. I’ve had them before, I just wish they were more frequent. I’ve discovered that if I take Honey and Alice (my two pups) out for a walk then sit down and write when I get back I am a lot more creative than normal. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the fresh air or if I just become more relaxed walking them in the countryside. Either way, walking them is now part of my writing ritual.
I’m being interview by a fellow writer for her blog. It’s quite exciting. I’ve filled done the interview, I just need to find the best section of OTD: An African War to use as a extract for the interview. A section of the story that will showcase my writing, but without ruining any of the plot. I’m thinking of using the first time Kyle ventures into the mansion and meets Tiger King. This won’t make any sense to people who haven’t read the novella so really you should go buy the book just so you understand 😉 I’ll let you all know when the interview is live with links etc.

I know I keep going on about Indie Author Land but I’m immensely proud that my book is still featured in the top ten. It was still at number 2 for the fourth week in a row. Thanks to everyone who has read the interview. If you missed it, you can find it here

OmniumI’d like to finish this blog with what I’ve been listening to/watching recently. I discovered a new band the other week. I say discovered, but I knew the name just somehow had never heard the music. Omnium Gatherum are a Finnish band. I know most of you will be put off by the vocal style but I really like them. I’ve download two of their albums Beyond and New World Shadows. Here’s a link to my favourite song by them

WarFor my last birthday I received The World At War Ultimate Restored Edition. It’s an 11 disc set which chronicles WW2 and is narrated by Laurence Olivier. It’s the most comprehensive history I’ve seen and with archive footage and interviews from key players of the time it makes for a compelling viewing. It doesn’t shy away for the horrors of war and thankfully, is conducted from a neutral point of view. So no, America didn’t come in and win the war single handed 😉 Just a little fun with my American pals 🙂 I’d really recommend it. A great collection if you’re interested in history like I am. Well, that’s about it from me. I never got to the cinema at the weekend. Had a BBQ instead. Hope you’re all having a great day. Until next time

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2 Responses to Some rambling thoughts

  1. ED Martin says:

    Have you listened to anything by Icelandic band Solstafir? “Fjara” is my favorite by them, but they have some heavier stuff too.

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