All Ahead Full!

100504-N-8959T-388Hey all! Time for another blog. Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did. I think I’ll start chatting about my writing, as I usually do. So my writing objective has changed yet again. I can’t go into the reason for this right now, but eventually I will. I’ve decided to readdress my novel Welcome To Carrion City. There are some changes I intend to make to it, and add about 30,000 words to the end. It’s quite a change to the structure of the book but I think it’ll make it stronger. Also, it’ll take the word count up to about 100,000 words. That’s quite a heavy volume of words. I’ll have to be quite ruthless with cutting sections of the story which may not be needed. So for the next two weeks I intend to write the ending section. The two weeks after that, I’ll go back and edit all the changes I want to make. This means I’ll likely have to send it to my editor. This is a great thing as she’s thorough and very professional. If any of my writer friends are looking for an editor they can trust then let me know and I’ll send her details along. I’ll still be writing Only The Dead 2, just not at the same pace as I had intended. I’ll be treating it as my secondary project for the next month or so. I’m still hopeful to get a good few chapters written for it while Carrion City (CC) goes through it’s change.

the woman in black

So this weekend I went to the theatre. I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy going there. I love the cinema. I really do. But there’s something just so special about seeing a story being told live in front of you. I saw the production of The Woman In Black. I’d seen it ten years ago with my good friend Jane (@jkapple). For those of you not familiar with the story, it’s essentially a ghost story with gothic undertones. The cast comprises only three people and it is very well done. If you get the chance to see this production, I would recommend it. The book is also great. I did my English dissertation on it back in school. The film, I also enjoyed. However they added components that were purely to make the story more compatible with the big screen.

I discovered another new band the other day. Insomnium. I’ve been listening to Across The Dark album by them for the last few days. It’s just really catchy and atmospheric. across the dark

So I’m off to do some writing now. Better switch back to third person writing! Until next time!

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2 Responses to All Ahead Full!

  1. Karen Soutar says:

    Good luck with the writing! I’d love to see The Woman In Black in the theatre, I’ve heard great things about it. Read the book (fab) and seen the film so I need to see the play…

  2. mwduncan says:

    Thanks, Karen šŸ™‚ I’ll tell you now, the book was scary, the theatre show is ten times worse! The first time I saw it the woman in black walked down the centre aisle, and of course we had aisle seats…

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