Time for a rant . . . a burger rant!

Hey all. Hope everyone is having an awesome day. Time for some more ramblings from me. As usual, I’ll talk about my current writing. I’ve written 2,500 words today for my characters introduction for Carrion City. There’s some really good bit but also some areas I’ll have to improve in. I’ll catch these when I go back to edit. I’m just happy to have some words down and the enlargement for Carrion City is underway. Other than that, my writing has been pretty slow. I’ve actually taken to making a few character bios just so I remember all the important facts that I can distribute through my novel. I’m looking to make the characters more individual so this should help. I’m also thinking of putting in some dialects when it comes to speech. I’m usually not a huge fan of this in fiction as I always finds it slows down my reading a little. If I know the character is from, say, Glasgow, I know how their accent will sound, I don’t need it to be so blatant as to have it turned into speech. We’ll see, this is perhaps something I’ll drop eventually. I’m just trying new things to really make each person stand out.

I got in touch with my editor to let her know that I’ll have a new project for her and to discuss what my needs will be this time round. With Only The Dead I really just wanted to make sure the grammar was fine and there was no glaring continuity issues. This time, with Carrion City, I’m asking her to look for places where characters can be improved and made more individual etc. I’m hopefully going to be able to cut several thousand words to the story, too. I’d like to keep it below 100,000 words if I can. That sounds crazy when I think about it. I never thought I would write something that long!

I’m still intending writing more of my next two novellas but it won’t be for a couple of weeks, but I do have a clear idea how to start now! I’m pretty sure I’ll be running a free promo for Only The Dead sometime this month, just a couple of days where it’s free. Hopefully this will generate some lovely reviews!

So, I’m going to rant a little here. I went to McDonalds at the weekend, a nice wee treat, especially since they’ve brought back the Big Tasty (it’s the best burger from there). But alas, they didn’t have any! I was annoyed, but hey, a Big Mac is always good right? Wrong. I mean it tasted nice, but I think they’ve somehow managed to confuse the definition of “Big.” The burger was small and disappointing! Rant over. Next time, I’ll just have a piece of fruit.

Well I’m off to write the final character introduction and then have something to eat. Hope you all have a great week. Until next time!

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