While I was gone!

Hey all! I’ve got some time to sit down and write my latest blog! About time, I know! I had myself a little holiday down to Edinburgh to take in the Fringe. Just a couple of days, but it was awesome. I love Edinburgh. It’s such a great city. There’s something for everyone, especially when the Fringe is on. I’ve never been down for the festival but now that I have, I’ll be back next year.

So something funny happened to me while at the Fringe. Any show that I stopped to watch, I inevitably got picked to participate in. I’d been in Edinburgh for about two hours and stopped to watch an Australian woman do a street performance. Her character was that of a ditzy reality tv star. She was great, really entertaining and did some tricks with hula-hoops. When I was picked, I wanted to the ground to open up and swallow me. See following pic for me wishing to be anywhere but there! fringe time

I also stopped to watch an American magician called Seth! He was awesome, great banter, good audience participation and referred to me as “Mr Aberdeen.” I helped him with most of his tricks all of which had me left scratching my head how he did it. I got a brief chance to speak to him after the show and shake his hand. The only thing that annoyed me was some of the audience watched the whole show, enjoyed it, and then walked away. These performers don’t receive any payment other than what the crowd donates to them after the show! For each show I enjoyed, I gave the performer £5. If I was richer, I would have given more. So, if you have the chance of visiting Edinburgh during the Fringe, do it!

I was supposed to be going in to hospital for some minor surgery yesterday, but it was cancelled for an emergency case. So I’ve got a month before I have to go back. I would have rather gotten it out of the way but these things can’t be helped. I’ve decided that by the time I go back to hospital, I’ll have completed Carrion City and have sent it off to my editor! And on that note, I’m off to write some more! Until nex

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