A concerted effort!

Hey all. Back again, time for another blog. So, what’s happening with me? Well lots actually. I’ve completed my last Open University Assessment for my Death and Dying course. While I found it interesting, I didn’t really feel that it had much relevance for the study of counselling. I felt it was directed toward those who would be giving palliative care. Still, I’m glad it’s done and I’ll get some more credit. I’ve decided to take a break from The Open University. I’ve studied with them for three and a half years constantly. I’ll go back to studying in the New Year, and have already picked out some courses that are interesting me. I won’t be idle however, I go back to studying with Aberdeen University at the start of October. I’m looking forward to resuming my training toward qualifying as a counsellor. I’ll also have a little more time to write, which is always a good thing.

This week, I’m making a real effort to get Carrion City finished. I’m almost there but I want it completed before I go into hospital at the start of next week. Hopefully this hospital trip will be better than the last. I hated having to stay in for a week. It was boring, sore and frustrating. If it wasn’t for the lovely nurses and all those who came to visit, I would have probably lost my mind. Still, I’m hopeful that this will be my last hospital trip for a while.

I’m off to get more writing done! Hope you all have a great week! Until next time!

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2 Responses to A concerted effort!

  1. Rush11 says:

    Great news about your progress on Carrion City. As the author, what is your favorite part so far? Well-maybe give us a hint!

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