Back after a wee break!

Hey all! I have to say sorry for the lack of blogging activity from me over the last three weeks. I have a good reason, though. Well, I have several actually. First of all, I had my surgery three weeks ago. It sucked, but thankfully, I was out of hospital in a few days. As usual, the staff couldn’t have been better and the care they provided was above and beyond. I have nothing but respect for the nurses, auxiliaries and doctors on the ward! I’m still recovering from my operation, which means that sitting is only now a possibility but it hurts a lot still so I avoid it when I can. Yep, a lot of lying on the sofa, balancing the laptop on the edge!

In writing, I’ve been rushing to complete my novel, Carrion City. It’s done and dusted! Hurrah! Well, it’s done and with my editor, Pauline. She’s making a fantastic job in helping me make it into something I am proud to have my name on. When I sent it to her, it was 108,000 words. Now, after the first round of edits, it’s down to 99,000. I’m hoping to take a few more thousand words out of it. I write overly wordy sometimes and need an independent eye to point out where I need to cut down. So, once I get the manuscript back, make the final changes I’ll have another completed novel! I’m very excited about this. It’s quite a surreal feeling for me when I actually complete something I’m happy with. I’m sure to keep you all updated on the progress!

I’ve started back at Aberdeen University for Counselling Skills 3&4. It’s great to be back and this module, I’m working with an entirely new group of people. Everyone is really nice and I’m looking forward to working with them in the future. What I’m not looking forward to? Having each session recorded to reflect upon for the essay this year! I hate seeing/hearing myself on film! Also, I’ve been given the chance to apply for a volunteer counsellor position with an Aberdeen counselling agency. This would be invaluable experience for me and is something I would need to progress to the diploma. So fingers crossed I at least get picked for an interview!

Because I completed my novel and am well underway with my editing, I treated myself to Grand Theft Auto V – like most of the male population, I am guessing. I’ve lost an afternoon to that game already. It’s a great game, quite different to what I expected. I’m making sure to maintain a balance between writing/editing, university work, gaming and of course, real life! Until next time!

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2 Responses to Back after a wee break!

  1. Karen Soutar says:

    Good to see you back, and glad you’re recovering! Great news about Carrion City – keep us updated.
    I’ve now started my OU Creative Writing course – enjoying it so far! xx

  2. mwduncan says:

    Thanks, Karen 🙂 I will do. Hopefully have some good news once it’s all edited etc!

    Hope the OU course is going well! x

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