I Have a Publishing Contract!

After many years of hard work and hours dedicated to my writing I can finally say I have signed a publishing contract with Severed Press. This contract will see my debut novel- Carrion City will be released sometime in the near future. I can’t begin to tell you all how excited I am to take my first professional step into the world of fiction writing.

Carrion City is the first novel I’ve ever completed. Of course, I’ve written many other novels but never to completion. Inevitably, my other novels have always run out of steam and languished in my “to be completed” folder on my laptop. I first started writing Carrion City through a pretty difficult time in my life, I was recovering from an operation in hospital and with little else to do started forming ideas. When I got home, I started to write it. It’s been through many changes and edits. At one point the novel was 120,000 words, now it sits around 69,000 words. I can reveal now that the novel has been seriously considered by two publishers before Severed Press signed me up. In the end, I truly believe that Severed Press is the perfect home for Carrion City.

So what’s it all about, I hear you ask? Well there will be another blog soon where I put up a short description of the novel. For now, I’ll just say it’s a thriller/horror novel, a hybrid of 24 and 28 Weeks Later.

Today I sent back the final proof to Severed Press and things are moving amazingly fast. I’m excited like never before. What will it mean for my writing? Will I be able to live off my writing and just write full time? Initially, no. Not unless Carrion City gets swept up in a wave of enthusiastic readers! Carrion City is the first of three planned novels so really I’m thinking I’ll have to relegate Only The Dead to the backburner and start writing the sequel. It has a title but I think I’ll leave revealing that until another time.

I’m off to enjoy the new episode of The Walking Dead and Last Ship… er… I mean start writing Carrion City’s sequel. Until next time.

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2 Responses to I Have a Publishing Contract!

  1. Karen Soutar says:

    Congrats! xx

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