Welcome to the blog of fiction writer M. W Duncan. Here you will read about my writing, life and random thoughts. I write novellas and full length novels. My first novella, Only The Dead: An African War, is available on Amazon.

When I’m not writing I am usually studying toward becoming a counsellor at Aberdeen University. This takes up a lot of my time and is pretty heavy reading so to relax I like to game. I play strategy games on my laptop, currently Medieval Total War 2, and anything fun on my Xbox. I only occasionally play online otherwise my life would be sucked into a world of virtual war.

My music tastes vary but predominantly I enjoy listening to metal. Yes, I’m sure it does just sound like noise to some of you. Favourite bands you ask? Alright then, in no particular order- Paradise Lost, Opeth, Amorphis, Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Porcupine Tree, Dark Tranquillity, Sikth, Borknagar, Katatonia, Daylight Dies, Emperor, October Tide, Parkway Drive, Mudvayne, Omnium Gatherum, My Dying Bride, Finntroll, Fear Factory, Swallow The Sun, Cult of Luna . . . I could go on. Sounds scary, right?

So yeah, that’s a little about me, and this is my blog. My writing schedule, starting from next week is:

Every Tuesday a blog mainly on writing

Of course I might update at other times if there’s anything worthy of sharing. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy

4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Hello fellow metal-head! Well my tastes vary to the soft rock variety, but I do like My Dying Bride and my husband is a fan of Opeth… And of course we both appreciate Iron Maiden!

    • mwduncan says:

      Hello! Always great to meet someone with awesome taste in music. I do love My Dying Bride and yes Iron Maiden are never far away. Do you get to many gigs?

      • No we don’t at the moment. We used to go to a lot of gigs in Manchester when we were students, and then we did Ozfest/Download. Good times!

      • mwduncan says:

        Ah that’s a shame. I know the feeling though. I don’t get to many gigs right now. I keep seeing bands advertised and want to get tickets. But I have to travel to Glasgow to see the big bands

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